Why I joined the “Security Institute.”

As someone who considers himself a Professional in the Security Industry, I’ve been looking for some kind of ‘forum’ for like minded individuals like myself, for quite a while.

Last year, an organisation called the “Security Institute” was brought to my attention. After contacting a distant associate, who was then an Institute member, I was convinced to apply.

That acquaintance was Mr Paul Drury FSyI, now the Vice Chairman of the Institute. Since then, I have also had the pleasure of meeting the Chair of the SyI, Dr Alison Wakefield and have corresponded with the C.E.O. Rick Mountfield, so I think I have a pretty good handle on the objectives and direction of the Institute. From the very top no less!

Here is my perspective on the Security Institute, and why I feel you should apply for membership right away, if not sooner……

Regardless of your field: Be you a Physical Security Pro, Cyber Security Expert, Information Security Guru, Law Enforcement, Military, Analytical High Flier or Built Environment Player, we share the same basic mantra:


The Institute recognises this and strives to promote and highlight the vital roles we all play, to the public in general, and to those who have influence over the industry in particular.

They strongly encourage continuous professional development and self improvement, but not only does this benefit the members, active “CPD” participation is becoming increasingly recognised by employers.

It provides endless opportunities for networking and indeed socialising, with men and women that speak our language, understand our problems and know the issues we all face, every day.

Please be aware that there is no snobbery about the level of membership you may qualify for, but you will need to prove your industry experience, qualifications and / or the impact you have had in your field.

The Institute is not for everyone. You’ll have to demonstrate your genuine and ongoing commitment to the industry, as you will be assessed and judged by a panel of your peers, and only if you meet strict criteria, will your membership application be ‘validated’ and your election to the Institute be confirmed.

If you haven’t qualified for membership now, don’t be disheartened. Take part in continuous professional development (CPD), look at any qualifications that may help you in your field, and get involved in promotion of our cause. You will obtain the ‘points’ required for some level of membership, in short order

Membership is an honour, and one which will allow you to put letters after your name.

These Post Nominals will identify you as a part of close knit group of International Security Professionals, who will provide advice and guidance, career support, training and fellowship. With fantastic online assistance facilities and unsurpassed networking opportunities, you can be as involved as you like, or are able.

Win Win.

I will always be happy to answer any questions if I can, or direct you to more qualified sources where need be.

To be clear, I don’t work for the Security Institute, receive any form of payment from them, or have any agenda…. I just appreciate their work and support their objectives because we think and feel the same about the Security Industry.


Rollo Davies MSyI


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