Front-Line Security Professionals. We may be ‘The Few!’

I’ve encountered, over the years, many first rate, professional, intelligent and hard working ‘front line’ security operatives.

Yes. I will be the first to admit that, with S.I.A. licencing standards being so poor, there are a huge amount of minimum wage “uniform fillers” employed to simply tick a box on a customer’s insurance requirement form, as their salary is less than the additional premium for not having “security” at all.

Things are improving. Slowly. But the damage of the last 15 or so years, will take time to rectify.

I’ve been forced by circumstance, (dealing with the illness of a family member) to step off the career ladder, (twice), and I accept that I may never be able to get back on that slippery pole, but I have met some front line operatives of the highest calibre and ability, and I feel there is a genuine requirement for these professionals to be recognised, supported and encouraged, even if their aspirations reach no further than the vital tasks they already perform.

Maybe a publication like “The Professional Security Officer” can assist in supporting and publicising the roles we perform, whilst organisations like the #SecurityInstitute can look at proactively extending a new level of membership to these, largely forgotten, genuinely professional, front line operatives, & in so doing, help push industry standards higher from the bottom, as well as pulling from the top?


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