How BEST to look after your clients.

My sincere apologies for having to post this. No doubt you know this well, but sadly, alas, I’ve recently encountered those to whom this is an alien concept…..

Security Operations Management #101: Treat your front line staff well and they will take care of your clients!

Not rocket science! …But so many seem to feel that the men and women “at the coal face” are out of sight, so out of mind!

Value your job? Engage with and appreciate your people.

No matter how high you climb or how important you think you are, the further away you get from physically providing a service that financially contributes to your company’s bottom line, the more replaceable & / or dispensable, you inevitably become.

Losing the respect and support of those that work for you, will undoubtedly hasten your demise.

#Security #MutualRespect #Integrity #Fairness #Honesty #Empathy

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