Rollo Davies? Who’s he?

A former Metropolitan Police Officer, I left the Service in 1992 to explore opportunities in the private security sector.

With many years security experience ranging from front line, City corporate security roles and mobile patrol positions with different companies in both Essex and Kent, to management positions at two top London five star hotels, contract management for some of the biggest names in the City and West End, and for several years, hands on responsibility for the countries largest mobile patrol and response team, I have quite a broad background in the UK industry.

In 2011, motivated by wanting to change the shocking way many front line officers were treated, I founded the National Security Workers Union (N.S.W.U.).

After 3 years of fighting for better standards of training, better public recognition of the valuable roles performed by front line staff, and justice for those that were abused by rogue companies, I was forced to dissolve the Union as I’d been supplementing the union funds from my own pocket, but was unable to continue as faced likely bankruptcy!

Always passionate about the industry, and still fighting to make a difference, I joined the “Security Institute” in 2017, and have also created a social media profile, highlighting major issues, raising public awareness of our crucial roles, and somehow becoming an established and fairly well respected commentator along the way.

Being recognised as genuinely striving to promote and support the vital roles played by UK front Line security Professionals, I was approached and recruited on to the team at The Professional Security Officer Magazine, in January 2018.

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