I’m Rollo. Thanks for Visiting, & Welcome.

I’m a U.K. based, front line, security industry professional. But I’m involved in quite a lot of other things as well. The security industry is a vital, honourable and worthy profession. I try to make the public, the media and indeed the industry, remember that!

Here’s just a little bit about what I’m doing at the moment.

A long time security industry commentator and campaigner for improvements in standards. I’m always happy to connect and network with professionals from across the globe. I share news, views and information across several social media platforms.

Why not follow me on Twitter: @Security Rollo and on LinkedIn: “rollodavies”

MASSIVE NEWS!!!: On 1st August 2020 Michael O’Sullivan and I launched THE brand new peer support network for all UK front line security sector operatives. The Guild of Security Industry Professionals has been set up to achieve several goals:

*To assist our members personal career development.

*To campaign on the issues that affect their jobs.

*To fight for increased standards across the security industry.

*To provide a positive narrative, and change perceptions of front line security professionals.

Visit: GSIP.co.uk the Guild of Security Industry Professionals (GoSIP)

I’m privileged to be the Managing Editor of the ground breaking international security industry publication: The Professional Security Officer Magazine (TPSO)

I’m also part of the Peer Publishing Ltd team, along with the renowned industry leader, Michael O’Sullivan, that has set up an important new database collating incidents of violence against UK security industry workers. This issue is frankly a National Scandal, and would never be tolerated if it were experienced by any other profession or sector of the workforce.

Security Workers are NOT SECOND CLASS CITIZENS and this state of affairs can not be ignored or accepted!

This new website will be an information resource for the media, policymakers and industry professionals. More importantly, it will be the weight behind the coming campaign, headed up by the Guild of Security Industry Professionals, to force central government, law enforcement and the media to finally acknowledge the problem, and act to #ProtectTheProtectors!


We are also looking at ways to improve training standards, and are working with the S.I.A. and other key industry stakeholders, to help steer the future of our industry.

In June 2019 I was honoured to be named the winner of the Security Institute’s prestigious “George Van Schalkwyk” award for outstanding contribution to the UK security industry.

Just a month later I was completely overwhelmed to be named 2019’s World #2 Influencer in Security Industry ‘Thought Leadership’, by IFSEC Global.

In April 2021 I was introduced to a fantastic new security industry staff agency, Orka Works, which I now enthusiastically promote! All security officers that use the system are fully PAYE employed by Orka Works and entitled to the benefits that brings, including accumulated paid annual leave. Security officers have maximum flexibility when it comes to when they want to work, so are not abused like so many that have to take awful zero hours contracts. Security officers can use a simple app to arrange their work, and employers have an intuitive interface to book the most appropriate available staff for vacant shifts. A huge step forward and far more than just being the “Uber of security staffing” as it has been called.

I continue to be an enthusiastic and engaged member of the U.K. Security Institute. Recently I have volunteered as a “Mentor” on the fantastic new SyI mentorship platform, and have joined the MMAG (Membership Management Advisory Group). I have also just been appointed Co-Chair of the brand new Front Line Operatives” special interest group, established to engage the Security Institute more directly, in the future direction of those working in the “shop window” of our industry.

In April 2020 I was honoured to be awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management. (ISRM)

In May 2020 I also took on a role on the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO), UK Advisory Committee. The IFPO has been instrumental in the professionalisation of frontline security roles in the U.S. and I will be working hard to get that ethos in to the U.K. industry…

Oh yes. And when I’m not doing that, I’m a front line security alarm response officer based in S.E. England. (Just in case anyone thought I spent my days with my feet up on a desk, smoking cigars!)

Contact me at: Rollo@peerpublishing.ltd

Are you thinking of using a Security Officer for your business? We have put together a blog on how a Security Officer can help keep your business secure https://www.glevum-security.co.uk/5-reasons-why-you-need-a-security-officer-for-your-business/

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We recently had the opportunity to give the HyperWhistle a good hard blow out on a wet & windy Greenham Common. I can report it is LOUD & help you attract attention in an emergency #hiking #safety #dogwalking #protection #emergency #rescue #maritimesafety #outdoors #adventure

Getting Started: Small Business Security | Professional Security https://www.professionalsecurity.co.uk/news/training/getting-started-small-business-security/#.YJ5LGyLR7f0.twitter

British Security Awards finalists announced for 2021 online ceremony @thebsia https://securitymattersmagazine.com/british-security-awards-finalists-announced-for-2021-online-ceremony

Considering taking a zero hour contract in the #security industry? Take a look at @OrkaWorks first.
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Progress Your Career With The Security Institute by Peter Lavery https://theprofessionalsecurityofficer.com/progress-your-career-with-the-security-institute/

https://gsip.co.uk/ ❀

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πŸ’₯πŸ‘Congrats to Upscale 6.0 cohort member @orka_tech on their Β£29m raise πŸ’ͺ

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Mental Health Awareness week is the perfect opportunity to introduce our CHROMA Physical and Mental Health committee. Led by Dawn Whitworth, People Development Manager, the committee is working to ensure the wellbeing of our colleagues is at the centre of everything we do.

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