Do You work in the front line, of the Security Industry?

If so, a warm welcome to my website.

I’m Rollo Davies. Most of the time I’m a mobile response officer, working in South East England.

Increasingly these days, I look at industry news and collect views that count, from people that really know what they are talking about, regardless of whether they agree with me of not. I’m passionate about the security industry and fight for increased standards and greater respect, recognition and reward for front line security workers.

The Protection of People and Property could not be a more important role, yet somehow Security Officers are still thought of as cheap, unskilled labour! This always annoys me. It is wrong. This has to change.

Bottom line? The UK Security Industry can be so much better, and should be far more highly regarded.

I’m doing my small bit as Co-Founder and Editor of The Professional Security Officer Magazine, to see that this happens. It’s a very slow process, but I genuinely think that together, we can create the momentum to drive the change that our industry needs. Our magazine is free to read online or download in PDF format, so please have a look.

It’s your magazine!

The Professional Security Officer Magazine, 

Issue #1 “Hardening The Target” is OUT NOW!

I have an Instagram, LinkedIn and a very active twitter account if you would like to connect :


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