I’m Rollo. Thanks for Visiting, & Welcome.

The website is being updated at the moment so apologies, but please come back when it gets more interesting! (Hopefully……..)

I’m a U.K. based, front line, security industry professional. But I do quite a lot of other stuff as well. The security industry is a vital, honourable and worthy profession. I try to make the public, the media and indeed the industry, remember that!

Here’s just a little bit about what I’m doing at the moment…..

A long time security industry commentator on social media, and campaigner for improvements in standards, I’m working hard to try and make things happen. (SOME MASSIVE NEWS COMING IN AUGUST 2020)

Why not follow me on Twitter: @Security Rollo and on LinkedIn: “rollodavies”

I’m privileged to be the Managing Editor of the ground breaking international security industry publication: The Professional Security Officer Magazine (TPSO)

I’m also part of the Peer Publishing Ltd team, along with the renowned industry leader, Michael O’Sullivan, looking at ways to improve training standards, researching violence towards security industry professionals, and working with the S.I.A. and other key industry stakeholders, to help steer the future of our industry.

In June 2019 I was honoured to be the winner of the Security Institute’s “George Van Schalkwyk” award for outstanding contribution to the security industry.

Just a month later I was completely overwhelmed to be named 2019 world #2 Influencer in Security Industry ‘Thought Leadership’, by IFSEC Global.

Looking to make life better for the men and women in the ‘shop window’ of our industry, in August I took on the role of ‘brand ambassador’ to the security industry, for the outstanding Wagestream organisation. A company set up to help the financial wellbeing of U.K. workers.

I continue to be an enthusiastic and engaged member of the U.K. Security Institute. Recently I have become a “Mentor” on the fantastic new SyI mentorship platform, and have joined the MMAG (Membership Management Advisory Group)

In April 2020 I was honoured to be awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management. (ISRM)

In 2020 I’ve also accepted a role on the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO), UK Advisory Group. The IFPO has been instrumental in the professionalisation of frontline security roles in the U.S. and I will be working hard to get that ethos in to the U.K. industry…

Oh yes. And when I’m not doing that, I’m a front line security alarm response officer based in S.E. England. (Just in case anyone thought I spent my days with my feet up on a desk, smoking cigars!)

Contact me at: Rollo@peerpublishing.ltd